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Can Your Vehicle’s “Black Box” Help with Your Auto Accident Claim

Almost all new vehicles on the roads have a black box built into the engine control module, the airbag control systems, or the powertrains. The black box is similar to the electronic data recorders (EDRs) used in tractor-trailers, ships, and airplanes to record the sequence of events leading up to an accident. Data from a […]

Digital Assets in Estate Planning: Cybersecurity Concerns And Considerations

The growing level of digitization in every aspect of life has also led to the trend of storing multiple financial assets in digital form. People want to own and preserve digital assets both for financial and sentimental value. The increase in ownership of these assets has also led to a more pronounced threat in the […]

How Insurance Companies May Try to Mislead Car Crash Victims

Insurance companies are not in the business of providing fair compensation to injured victims after a car crash. They are in the business to make profits for their owners and shareholders. It would be a mistake to think that the insurance adjusters will be sympathetic toward you and your family. Their only loyalty lies with […]

Estate Planning Challenges for Farm Families

Farmers and farm families in California are faced with unique challenges when it comes to their distribution plans and passing on the farmland to future generations. It is true that there is no cookie-cutter solution that fits each farm family. A skilled and experienced estate planning attorney in California will be able to help you […]

The Importance of Keeping Accurate Records in A Personal Injury Case

Personal injury claims are usually never straightforward or simple. Insurance companies routinely try to find ways to reduce or deny their liability altogether. Journaling your injuries and maintaining proper documents, including medical reports, hospital bills, and expense receipts for injuries suffered can help in achieving successful results in an injury claim. An experienced personal injury […]

The Legal Aspects Of Car Accidents Involving Rental Vehicles

Rental vehicles often have unfamiliar systems and controls. Moreover, in many cases, the driver is using roads they are not familiar with. This combination can sometimes prove to be a recipe for disaster. If someone else’s negligence caused your rental vehicle accident, you can sue the other party for damages. But when the accident occurs […]

Navigating Injury Claims in Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Multi-vehicle accidents can have catastrophic consequences for the victims and their families. Proving liability in multi-car pileups is challenging because of the possibility of several at-fault parties, multiple versions of what happened, and the involvement of more than one insurance company. A seasoned car accident attorney can help you navigate through the complex maze of […]

The Impact of Driver Shortages on Commercial Trucking Safety

There is an historic shortage of qualified commercial truck drivers in California and the rest of the country, according to the figures released by the American Trucking Association. There are about 80,000 unfilled truck driver positions, and the situation is only expected to worsen over the next few years. Your truck accident and injuries could […]