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Contract Attorneys in La Mesa, California

A contract is a voluntary, private agreement that is entered into between parties in exchange for something of value, and contact law is interwoven into all areas of our society. Businesses of all types and sizes enter into written contracts on a regular basis. Contracts are necessary for a business to survive and grow in the modern age. While verbal and handshake agreements used to be the norm, they are no longer sufficient to provide assurance that those who enter into the agreement will fulfill their obligations.

Written contracts involve the exchange of money, goods, and services, with a promise from each party to keep their end of the agreement. These agreements can be quite complicated and difficult to understand, however. When the language is vague and open to interpretation, for example, you may not know what it truly means until you find yourself involved in an expensive legal dispute. To help prevent this type of situation and to help ensure that the contracts you enter into address your needs, accomplish your goals, and protect your interests, it is best to have them drafted, or at the very least reviewed, by an experienced business contract lawyer.

At Garmo and Garmo, LLP, we have over four decades of experience helping businesses draft, review, and enforce commercial contracts in San Diego and throughout Southern California.  Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of business law and numerous other areas of practice.  Our depth of insight allows us to analyze the big picture and help our clients prepare agreements that fully protect their interests. We work closely with our clients, and we take the time to listen and understand their specific needs, so we can put together contracts that are practical, effective, and minimize their risk exposure.

We are also able to review existing contracts before you sign them and provide a second set of eyes to help ensure that a contract works to your benefit as much as possible. If there are areas of an agreement that should be changed, we can also help negotiate these changes with the other parties involved. With a well-prepared contract from the outset, your chances of legal issues down the road are minimized. But we know that even in the best of circumstances, legal disputes can happen. If that occurs, we are there to forcefully advocate for your rights and interests.

Contracts and Commercial Transactions We Assist With

Our legal team assists clients with all types of commercial contracts and transactions. Some of the most common include:

Commercial Real Estate Agreements: Commercial real estate transactions are far more complicated than transactions that involve residential real estate. Both buyers and sellers have a lot more at stake, and even a seemingly minor error can be very costly. We have extensive knowledge of the complexities involved with the purchase or sale of commercial property, and we assist clients with transactions involving properties such as office buildings, shopping centers, hotels/motels, gas stations, industrial parks, vacant land, and many others.

Commercial Lease Agreements: At some point, most businesses have to lease space in order to have a location from which to operate. A commercial lease may be one of the most important documents you sign, because it specifies how much you will have to pay, how long a lease term you are locked in for, and numerous other critical terms and conditions. Whether you are the lessor or lessee, you should not enter into a commercial lease agreement without first having it reviewed by a qualified legal professional.

Partnership and Corporate/Shareholder Agreements: When a business has multiple owners, you need a written agreement between the owners or shareholders that specifies various aspects of the business; such as percentage of ownership, who has control over what areas of the business, distribution of profits/dividends, under what conditions new partners or shareholders can be added, buy/sell agreements between owners and shareholders, and many others. By having a comprehensive written agreement that addresses these areas in advance, the chances of costly legal disputes can be minimized.

Franchising and Licensing Agreements: When a business or product becomes more established, you may want to franchise the business concept or license the product in order to expand your reach. Before doing so, you will need a carefully written franchising or licensing agreement to protect yourself and help you better manage this process.

Employment Contracts: A written employment contract spells out the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employee. There are many elements that may be included in employment contracts; such as salary or wages, benefits, scheduling, job responsibilities, communication, confidentiality/non-disclosure of trade secrets, non-compete clauses, duration of employment, and termination. 

Independent Contractor Agreements: Businesses often contract with other individuals or entities to perform specific projects or tasks that need to be done. An independent contractor agreement governs the working relationship between these parties and may include many of the same elements as the employment contract.

Indemnification Agreements: An indemnification agreement is a transfer of risk from one party to another. With this type of agreement, one party agrees to protect the other against claims that may arise from the contract. Indemnification agreements are widely used in the insurance industry.

Breach of Contract Attorneys in Southern California

A breach of contract is a failure on the part of one or more parties to uphold their end of the agreement. This may be a material/total breach or an immaterial/partial breach. A material breach occurs when the obligation that is not performed is so essential that the primary purpose of the contract cannot be fulfilled. With this type of breach, it may be necessary to terminate the contract (in addition to seeking other forms of legal relief). You can still seek damages from an immaterial breach, but the contract cannot be terminated.

The breach of contract lawyers at Garmo and Garmo represent clients for all types of contractual disputes. We assist clients by thoroughly reviewing and analyzing the contract or agreement to determine your rights, obligations, legal remedies, and defenses you have. From there, we work closely with you to develop the most practical, effective, and cost-efficient resolution. This may include negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and when necessary, litigation. We stand by your side throughout the entire process, working hard to help secure the most favorable outcome possible.

Speak with a Skilled and Knowledgeable San Diego Commercial Contracts Lawyer For strong legal guidance with all types of commercial contracts and transactions in Southern California, contact Garmo and Garmo, LLP to schedule a free consultation. Call our office today at 619-441-2500 or message us through our online contact form. You may also stop by our office in person at your convenience.

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