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Lawyers for Blindness Injuries in La Mesa

Blindness refers to the absence or loss of perceiving visual images, and it can be permanent or temporary. There are various reasons which lead to blindness. Certain forms of blindness can be treated or improved surgically, medically, or with technological innovations. If any area of the eye, optic nerve, or brain (related to vision) suffers damage, it can potentially cause blindness.

Eye injuries are a major reason for blindness. These injuries can be chemical or physical. Injuries to the eye can range from a harmless, removable particle in the eye to a permanent loss of vision.

Blindness due to Accidents

Various types of accidents may lead to blindness, including:

  • Car crashes
  • Side effects from hazardous materials
  • Faulty products
  • Dangerous toys
  • Workplace accidents
  • Chemicals
  • Fires and explosions

Chemical Exposures and Burns

Chemical burns occur in various ways, often due to liquid splashing into the eye. Sunscreen, tear gas, and household soaps are chemicals that mainly irritate the eyes. Alkalis and acids are thought to be high-risk materials that can cause blindness. Drain cleaners and ammonia-based products contain alkali, while acids can be found in batteries.

Corneal Abrasions and Iris Injuries

The cornea is transparent skin covering the eye, and it can become scratched. Corneal injuries can occur due to a protruding object, such as a tree branch. The colored part of the eye is called the iris, and it often sustains damage due to being hit in the eye with a blunt object, such as a bat or fist. The muscle controls the amount of light entering the eye, and injuries often occur due to inflammation.

Other Types of Eye Injury


Bleeding in the front of the eye, sometimes due to receiving a blow in the eye with a projectile or being kicked in the face or eye.


Cuts occurring due to a fall or sharp object are known as lacerations.

Ultraviolet Keratitis

Ultraviolet keratitis is a common trauma caused by light. In simple words, it is a burn in the cornea. Hazardous UV light can be caused by tanning, arc welding, and sunrays. 

Foreign Objects

Our eyes are meant to withstand flying objects, but fast blinking responses and eyelashes are no substitute for appropriate eye protection. Grit, sand, and other particles are daily threats to eye function, while glass, projectiles, and other debris are even more hazardous. Unfortunately, victims sustaining small cuts or scratches on their eyeballs may only seek medical care after days of irritation, when the situation is likely worse, or the eye has become infected.


Burns may occur due to various reasons, and the damage can be much more than merely skin deep. Chemical exposure, fire, heat, or even a spilled substance can enter a worker’s eye, leading to blindness or spotty vision in one or both eyes.

Bright Lights

Many workers, ranging from welders to lifeguards, are routinely exposed to bright lights. But many other employees face similar risks and are not equipped with proper safety equipment, particularly in cases where an incident has led to an explosion or a flash from a faulty electrical object.

Head Injuries

Blindness in workers could result from trauma to the head, whether through a head injury leading to brain damage or a sudden impact. Falls, trips, slips, and even car wrecks can lead to face or head trauma, causing irreversible damage to the vision.

Can the Deployment of Airbags Cause Eye Injury?

The primary purpose of the airbag is to prevent your face from going through or hitting the windshield. But they can also cause catastrophic injuries. If an airbag hits your face at high speed, it can lead to permanent or temporary vision loss in one or both eyes. The force from the airbag can lead to a fractured eye socket or traumatic iritis.

Blindness related Complications

Various complications arise due to becoming blind, such as anxiety and depression, from being unable to see the world around you. This can be an extremely isolating feeling to the blind individual, who may experience nervousness in connecting with people they cannot see.

The person usually has to take classes to learn new skills, such as traveling within the city and maneuvering through traffic and stoplights. Such classes can be a calming influence on a blind person. If someone is color blind, they will find it challenging to interpret street signs.

Blindness Attorneys Must Prove What Caused Your Injuries

If the other party’s fault is unclear, then showing the adverse manner in which blindness has impacted your life is one of the most crucial elements in determining the number of compensatory damages. The victim may have blindness in both eyes (bilateral blindness) or one eye (unilateral blindness), and this may form the foundation of a personal injury case.

The initial and most important question in understanding whether there is a personal injury case at all is what caused your eye injury and if negligence on the part of any person or entity was involved. In general, blindness cases center on accidents where the eye(s) sustained an injury, or medical malpractice causing complete retinal detachment, or eye-related diseases or injuries.

What Type of Compensatory Damages can you Claim?

Your personal injury attorney will help you seek damages for your blindness injury to offset the following:

  • Medical expenses: Emergency services and hospital bills
  • Continuing medical expenses: Medicines, physical and mental therapy, and speech therapy
  • Income loss: Loss of wages and future income
  • Pain and suffering: General damages and special damages
  • Loss of quality of life: Negative effect on a person’s life due to permanent personal injury or other factors

Do you have Questions on a Personal Injury Lawsuit Involving Blindness? Contact Us Today

You may be entitled to receive financial compensation if the recklessness of another person or entity has caused you or a loved one to suffer blindness or permanent eye injury.

The experienced personal injury lawyers at the law offices Garmo & Garmo can help clients receive specialized training and support to enable them to live a somewhat normal life. It can be challenging to overcome sudden blindness and other devastating injuries, and we work hard to allow you to piece together your life as fully as possible.

If you or someone you love has lost their vision due to an accident, our skilled eye injury and blindness attorneys can help. For more information on your specific case, call (619) 441-2500 to speak to a seasoned personal injury attorney.

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