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The Best Real Estate Lawyers in San Diego County

Our team of talented real estate attorneys diligently advise buyers, sellers, developers, contractors, landlords and tenants, as well as management firms concerning various real estate matters in and around the San Diego area.

Whether buying, selling, or developing real estate is your primary business, or you deal with the occasional transaction, having an experienced attorney with in-depth knowledge of real estate law is vital to your success. For over 40 years, Garmo and Garmo, LLP has been helping client’s close real estate deals and resolve disputes by leveraging its vast experience across a wide range of practice areas.

Our real estate attorneys also have experience as real estate brokers, which allows them to effectively identify your issues and the appropriate solutions. The team at Garmo and Garmo, LLP has worked on real estate transactions from both the buyer and seller sides in residential and commercial real estate and are intimately familiar with the San Diego market.

Whether you are facing a legal challenge related to a real estate matter or simply want to make sure that your interests are fully protected, you can rest assured that our real estate attorneys will address your concerns and work towards the most favorable outcome in your case. Contact us now to schedule a free case evaluation.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

The purchase and sale of commercial real estate can be a complex process. Not only is there more money involved than with the typical commercial transaction, but there are also more things to consider if you want your deal to be successful.

Garmo and Garmo, LLP has several attorneys that are also licensed California real estate brokers. Our team has helped clients with transactions for vacant land, industrial parks, shopping centers, office buildings, hotels/motels, and much more.

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Buying or selling a home is a major financial decision for most people, and a simple error or omission during this process can be costly. While a real estate agent is one party that can and should protect your interests, you have other options.

The experienced real estate attorneys at Garmo and Garmo, LLP provide unique representation to clients because our attorneys are also real estate brokers. Whether you also have an agent and want another set of eyes or are doing a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) sale, our legal team can ensure that your deal meets your goals and that your rights and interests are protected.

Lease Review Service

Both residential and commercial leases have become increasingly complex. By signing something you haven’t thoroughly reviewed or understand, you could compromise your rights and financial wellbeing. On the other hand, landlords must also ensure they have their rights protected when leasing a property.

Garmo and Garmo, LLP has successfully reviewed and negotiated thousands of lease agreements between tenants and landlords for both residential and commercial properties. We can help explain the terms of a lease and negotiate certain items that will benefit you such as improvements, extensions, and compete clauses.

Due Diligence Representation

Before completing a real estate purchase, it’s vital that you find out everything there is to know about that property. This is referred to as “due diligence.”

This is a lengthy and arduous process that can make or break a real estate transaction. Once there is a contract in place with an earnest money deposit, buyers have the opportunity to review all aspects of the seller’s financial documents, leases, contracts, relationships, plans, etc.

Garmo and Garmo, LLP represents both buyers and sellers during this process. The goal of due diligence is to prove that the property represented at the sale and in the contract is the one that is being conveyed through the transaction.

San Diego Landlord Tenant Issues

When there are leases for residential or commercial property, there are also likely to be issues and disputes. Landlords need to make sure that tenants are paying on time, respecting the terms of the lease, and otherwise protecting their real estate investments. Tenants have the right to live or work in maintained and safe units.

Garmo and Garmo, LLP is experienced in dealing with landlord-tenant issues and helping our clients achieve their goals. Landlord-Tenant Law can be complex, and the wrong move can have significant repercussions. Whether dealing with evictions, breach of lease agreements, or other related issues, our goal is to resolve these issues in an expeditious manner.

Real Estate Litigation

When it comes to transactions involving buildings and land, the number of things that can lead to legal disputes is virtually endless. Real estate transactions, leases, and development involve a series of agreements and contracts between individuals, businesses, and government bodies. Misunderstandings, misrepresentation, and omissions can lead to significant financial losses.

Garmo and Garmo, LLP, are San Diego real estate attorneys that are willing to do what is legally necessary to protect your rights. Between a mix of settlement negotiations and aggressive courtroom litigation, our goal is to ensure that you achieve the most favorable outcome in your case. Some of the real estate litigation cases we handle include:

  • Boundary and easement disputes
  • Zoning and land use
  • Construction contract disputes
  • Failure to close
  • Failure to disclose defects
  • Quiet title actions
  • Eminent domain

Qualified Real Estate Lawyers in San Diego County

At Garmo and Garmo, LLP, we believe that every real estate transaction involves a unique set of circumstances and goals. Our San Diego real estate attorneys work closely with clients to understand the details involved in a transaction or dispute so that advice and services can be tailored to meet the client’s needs.

Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing a property, any transaction involving real estate requires an investment and is something that can impact your financial wellbeing and future. The legal consequences of omissions or mistakes can be costly and far-reaching, which is why we recommend getting legal advice about your rights and responsibilities.

Garmo and Garmo, LLP, provides qualified legal assistance to clients throughout the San Diego area. We can assist you at any stage of a transaction or dispute with a full spectrum of services that includes document negotiation, document review, and litigation. For a free consultation and case evaluation with one of our attorneys, call our office today at 619-441-2500 or send us a message through our web contact form.

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