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car accident attorney in el cajon and san diego county

What is the Worst Type of Car Accident?

By Garmo & Garmo, LLP |

Nearly 40,000 people lose their lives to car accidents every year, besides countless others who sustain severe injuries in these collisions. Vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death in the US and have significant destructive potential when it comes to harming people and property. Some types of car accidents are well-known for the… Read More »

online learning

Will Foreign Students Have to Leave the U.S. If their Universities Switch to Online Learning?

By Garmo & Garmo |

According to data from the Department of Homeland Security, more than 1.1 million foreign students currently have active student visas. The coronavirus pandemic forced most colleges and universities to switch to online learning (at least in part) in the Spring, and those plans might continue in the Fall.  The U.S. government has come out with several… Read More »

trump suspends visas

Who Will Be Most Impacted by President Trump’s Order Suspending Four Visa Categories?

By Garmo & Garmo |

On June 22, President Donald Trump signed a proclamation that suspends the entry into the United States of nonimmigrants who “present a risk to the labor market” during the economic recovery that follows the COVID-19 outbreak. While this is meant to be a temporary suspension of certain types of visas, the impact of the decision is… Read More »

travel ban

How Does the U.S. Travel Ban Impact H-1B, L-1, F-1, EB-2, EB-3, and Related Visa Holders?

By Garmo & Garmo |

According to figures from the U.S. State Department, roughly 9 million nonimmigrant visas are issued each year. Foreigners come to the United States for work and education purposes and are required to meet various requirements put in place by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and the rules can change quickly and without notice.  On… Read More »

serious injury attorney in el cajon

How Much is a Serious Injury Case Worth?

By Garmo & Garmo, LLP |

When considering filing a personal injury case over a car wreck, slip and fall, or another type of accident, it is understandable to wonder what your case is really worth. The “damages” or what your injuries have cost you economically, mentally, and physically can help determine the fair amount of damages in your personal… Read More »

Coronavirus Workplace Update

Coronavirus Workplace Update: July 2, 2020

By Garmo & Garmo, LLP |

Recently, the California Division of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH) sent out an email to workplaces across the State of California.  Their message?  Please ensure this … is delivered to the owner, operator or manager who is responsible for workplace safety and health.  In the email, DOSH stressed the importance of maintaining a safe… Read More »

how personal injury impacts the family

How Catastrophic Injuries Impact Families

By Garmo & Garmo, LLP |

Many catastrophic injuries occur every year due to car wrecks, slips and falls, and accidents at the workplace. Spinal cord injury, chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, severe burns, amputation, and neurological conditions are some of the most commonly occurring catastrophic injuries. The victims of such accidents can have significant needs. These injuries often impact… Read More »

san diego courthouse

Criminal case status after the court reopened

By Garmo & Garmo, LLP |

Following a closure from March 17, 2020 through May 25, 2020 for all non-emergency services, the San Diego Superior Court has reopened for most business operations.  With that being said, court hearings are still limited to video or telephone conferences only.  The court has released guidance regarding criminal procedures now that they have reopened. … Read More »

Coronavirus and Its Legal Impact on Businesses

Can Companies be Held Liable if their Employees End up with the Coronavirus?

By Garmo & Garmo |

In California and throughout the country, businesses are looking to reopen as the COVID-19 pandemic (hopefully) winds down. Each state has their own reopening plan, which is divided into various phases depending on the current conditions (in the state) with regards to the number of coronavirus cases and whether or not the number of… Read More »

coronavirus and family law

What is the status of my family law case during COVID-19?

By Garmo & Garmo |

As you know, the Coronavirus pandemic has turned normal life upside down, and our court system has not been immune to this.  On March 17, 2020, the Presiding Judge of the San Diego Superior Court closed all courthouses and courtrooms to the public, except for “time-sensitive, essential functions.” Since March 17, 2020, the court… Read More »

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Garmo & Garmo LLP office update (July 2, 2020)

Garmo & Garmo, LLP’s physical office is still open to assist you with your legal needs. We are following guidelines provided by the County of San Diego and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Please keep the following in mind when coming into our physical office:

1. Please do not enter our office if you have any of the following symptoms:

a. Fever or chills
b. Cough
c. Shortness of breath
d. Fatigue
e. Muscle or body aches
f. Headache
g. New loss of taste or smell
h. Sore throat
i. Congestion or runny nose
j. Nausea or vomiting
k. Diarrhea

2. For the safety of our staff and others, all sick clients/visitors may not enter our office.

3. All clients/visitors must wear facial coverings while in our office at all times.

4. Unless necessary, in-person meetings will not be held. Our office can conduct phone meetings or video meetings with clients/visitors.

5. Please always practice social distancing while in our office, which includes maintaining a minimum of six feet from others, including our staff.

We are closely monitoring the latest advisories from the County of San Diego, the Centers for Disease Control and the local court system. We will update our policies as we receive new information.

We appreciate your patience and confidence in Garmo & Garmo LLP’s ability to serve you.