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Amputation Injury Attorneys in La Mesa

Losing a limb as a result of a traumatic amputation injury can be a devastating experience. It can leave you with a severe, lifelong disability and can take a massive toll on you emotionally as well as financially.

In the unfortunate event that you or any of your loved ones suffer a traumatic amputation injury, the experienced personal injury lawyers at Garmo & Garmo, LLP can identify all the parties who can be held liable for the accident, build a strong case against them, and recover damages – through settlement or through trial – for the financial and non-financial losses you suffered as a result of the amputation.

Traumatic Amputation Injuries in the US – A Look at the Numbers

  • Approximately 30,000 cases of traumatic amputation are reported every year in the United States.
  • Nearly 70% of all traumatic amputation injuries result in the partial or total loss of an upper limb.
  • Nearly 80% of traumatic amputation injury victims in the country are men between the ages of 15 and 40.
  • A vast majority of traumatic amputations result in the partial loss of an upper limb, including the loss of one or more fingers.

The leading causes of traumatic amputation injuries include:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

In any collision or crash involving two or more motor vehicles, the risk of serious injuries – including traumatic amputations – is quite high. The risk is particularly amplified in head-on collisions and T-bone collisions, especially if one or both of the drivers happen to be driving at high speed.

The risk of traumatic amputation injuries is also extremely high in collisions involving a motor vehicle and a pedestrian, a person riding a bike, or a person riding a motorcycle.

Unlike the driver and the passengers in a motor vehicle, who are reasonably protected thanks to the built-in safety mechanisms, a pedestrian, a bicyclist, or a motorcyclist has no such protections to diminish the impact of a collision. So, they are at risk of sustaining traumatic amputation injuries – among other types of injuries – in the event of an accident.

Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents – especially in industries like agriculture, manufacturing, and construction – are the second leading cause of traumatic amputation injuries in the country.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the manufacturing industry has the highest amputation injury rate in the country – 2.1 amputations per 10,000 workers, accounting for 57% of all workplace-related amputation injuries in the country. It is followed by the construction industry (1.4 amputations per 10,000 workers) and the agriculture industry (1.4 amputations per 10,000 workers).

The most commonly reported reasons for amputation injuries in the aforementioned industries include:

  • Lack of proper machine guarding mechanisms
  • Operating or working around heavy machines without following OSHA’s safety guidelines
  • Not wearing personal protective equipment
  • Allowing unauthorized, unskilled, and inexperienced workers to operate heavy machinery

Contact with Power Tools

Accidentally making contact with machines like power saws and lawn mowers are among the most common causes of amputation injuries – particularly among the elderly.

Data shows that a vast majority of amputation injuries in the geriatric population are caused as a result of accidental contact with power tools like saws, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and food processors.

Caught-Between Mechanisms

Traumatic amputation injuries in young children – particularly the injuries which involve the loss of fingers in the upper limbs – are mostly caused as a result of getting caught in doors and windows.

Other causes of traumatic amputation injuries include accidental discharge of firearms, electrocution accidents, getting struck by falling or moving objects, and more.

Losing a limb in an accident can be an extremely traumatic experience. The cost of treatment, rehabilitation, therapy, and continued care can be very high, even if your injury is covered by your health insurance. So, it’s critical for you to seek the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer right away.

We at Garmo & Garmo, LLP have highly skilled lawyers who can investigate the circumstances that led to the accident, identity all the parties who can be held responsible for your amputation injury, and ensure that you are compensated adequately for all the financial and non-financial losses caused by the accident.

Consequences of Traumatic Amputation Injuries

The loss of a limb – especially your lower limb – can severely restrict your mobility. As a result, you might struggle to perform your daily activities like bathing, cleaning, and eating. In some cases, if your injury results in a severe disability, you might not be able to perform your daily activities at all. In such a scenario, you might need mobility equipment such as crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, and scooters.

A severe disability – resulting from the loss of one or more limbs – can also greatly reduce your earning capacity or render you physically incapable of being gainfully employed ever again in your life.

The damaged nerves and tendons at the site of the amputation can cause you immense pain, which is commonly referred to as stump pain. In some cases, you might also experience what doctors call ‘phantom pain’ – the sensation of pain in your missing limb.

The site of the amputation is also prone to developing skin problems, rashes, and infections, which, if left untreated, can lead to serious consequences.

An amputation injury can also affect you severely at an emotional level. You might develop body image issues, anxiety disorders, and depression, which can adversely affect your social life.

Traumatic Amputation Injury Lawyer in La Mesa, California

The expenses associated with treating traumatic amputation injuries – which include the cost of surgery, pain management, physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychological therapy, and ongoing care – can be very high. So, it is absolutely essential for you to file a claim or lawsuit against the parties responsible and seek damages.

The personal injury lawyers at Garmo & Garmo, LLP can negotiate on your behalf with your employer (in case of a workplace accident), file a claim with the liable party’s insurance provider, or file a lawsuit against the liable parties and fight aggressively to obtain a favorable outcome for you. You can call our office at 619-736-3935 for a free consultation with our personal injury lawyers. 

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