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Explosion Accidents in La Mesa

A fire or explosion accident can cause damage that can be serious and life changing. Burn injuries represent some of the most severe injuries a person can suffer. The recovery process after these injuries is long and arduous. Many fires and explosions occur due to negligence on someone else’s part, whether they occur in an automobile crash, construction accident, public transportation accident, or another type of accident.

At the law offices of Garmo & Garmo in La Mesa, our skilled personal injury lawyers have handled countless fire and explosion accidents. We have extensive experience building a robust case to show liability in such accidents, and our explosion and fire accident attorneys aggressively seek the highest possible compensation amount for our injured clients and surviving relatives.

Fire and Explosion Accident Injuries in California

Fires or explosions can happen in both commercial and residential areas. For instance, failing to turn off gas tanks or appliances or a candle burning unsupervised can lead to a fire or explosion. In homes that have gas-powered heating, the risk is often the highest. Explosions can also take place at the workplace due to boiler explosions or chemical or oil explosions.

Several chemicals are highly flammable and prone to explosions in specific circumstances. Irrespective of your situation, it is vital that you contact our explosion injury attorneys as soon as possible to ensure a successful case outcome.

Explosions can occur when you least expect it, whether in a home, business, chemical lab, or oil refinery. Victims typically suffer disfiguring burns in such accidents, which leave them permanently scarred or requiring significant plastic surgery.

Many parties can be held liable for an explosion accident, such as business managers, property owners, chemical manufacturers, or others. At Garmo & Garmo, our fire accident attorneys are committed to fighting aggressively for the rightful damages our clients deserve.

Types of Compensation

Survivors can experience multiple serious injuries in a fire or explosion, including fractured bones (from trying to escape), smoke inhalation, and burns. Burns can range in severity from first degree (surface burns to the skin’s outer layer) to third-degree (serious burns to all layers of the skin).

It is usually a prolonged and difficult process to recover from third-degree burns, and the patient may need multiple surgeries, including skin grafts. Also, rehabilitation is often necessary, particularly if the burns are to your limbs. The treatment and aftercare can be prohibitively expensive and can last for many months or even years. The injuries sustained in fire or explosion accidents are some of the most serious a person may ever experience.

It is crucial for a lawyer to properly quantify the entire cost of an injury from a fire or explosion accident. Fire victims typically need medical care for many years. During this time, it may not be possible for them to work. If your accident occurred due to the negligence or recklessness of another party, you could claim compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills (past, present, and future)
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost income
  • Permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering

If you have sustained injuries or lost a loved one in a fire or explosion accident, set up a no-charge consultation to discuss your case. Depending on the specificities of your accident, you may be able to collect compensatory damages from multiple parties.

Our lawyers will apprise you of your options and will guide you through what to expect from the judicial system. We provide our clients with hassle-free consultation appointment scheduling. In case your injuries are too serious for you to travel, our fire accident attorneys can arrange to come to you.

The Aftermath of an Explosion Injury

During a tragedy, such as a fire or explosion, the last thing on your mind should be what you need to do. Your initial step should always be to seek immediate medical care. If you delay doctor visits or do not visit a doctor, it can have a significant adverse effect on your lawsuit. If your loved one is receiving proper medical care, consider how you can help.

The following are some ways you can help during this challenging time:

Consult a lawyer promptly

If you delay consulting a lawyer, it can complicate your case if you have one. Speak to an attorney to check whether you have a valid case for compensation.

Preserve evidence

In case of a fire injury, the evidence is crucial. This includes collecting and preserving anything that might affect the case. The lawyer’s investigative team should be able to address this facet.

Determine who is liable

At times, the at-fault party is evident. For instance, a landlord who was told to fix something, and they agreed to it. However, they did not fix the issue, resulting in a fire. In this case, it will be easy to understand who is liable for the fire in comparison to a case where only ashes remain.

Work with experts

Cases involving fire and explosions are complex, and you need to have a skilled and experienced team of legal experts handling your case. Accident reconstruction experts are necessary in some fire accident cases; others may require an expert witness who is knowledgeable in fire and explosion accidents.

Work with a Seasoned Personal Injury Law Firm

It can be quite challenging to identify the right attorney for your fire or explosion accident case. Below are some questions you should ask to assist you:

  • Are you experienced in fire accident cases? If they haven’t worked on a case involving a fire injury or fatality, they may not be a suitable choice for you during this challenging time.
  • Do you have extensive resources to help me? Fire accident lawsuits can be complicated, which means they warrant third party experts.
  • Will you offer me legal representation on a contingency fee basis? A contingency fee arrangement does not require the client to pay any expenses toward the case upfront until the lawyers obtain a favorable outcome for you.
  • Do you have a proven track record of success in such cases? At Garmo & Garmo, we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients in personal injury lawsuits.

If you or a loved one has been injured or worse in a fire or explosion accident, contact us at the law offices of Garmo & Garmo to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. You may be able to obtain compensation from multiple parties, depending on your case. To schedule a no-charge consultation with one of our attorneys, call today at (619) 441-2500.

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