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Child Support Attorneys in San Diego

Child and spousal support are major issues during a divorce.

Child support is paid by one spouse to the other. Typically, the spouse receiving the child support is the one who has the majority of child custody. The calculation of child support is based on several factors, including each spouse’s income, whether each spouse is employed, and also the amount of time each parent spends with the children. Child support is normally paid until the child is over 18. The attorneys at Garmo and Garmo, LLP can help you calculate the proper amount of child support depending on your case.

Spousal support is also paid by one spouse to the other. Determining the amount of spousal support is based on several considerations. The court will look at the length of the marriage, earning abilities of each spouse, the standard of living during the marriage, age and health of the spouse’s, along with other factors. The attorneys at Garmo and Garmo, LLP can help you determine the proper amount of spousal support, whether you will receive it or if you are responsible to pay it.

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