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The Role of Social Media in Car Accidents: Distractions, Evidence, and Legal Issues

Car accidents due to distracted driving are on the rise. This is after the strict civil and criminal penalties in place for using a cell phone while driving. There is an increasing trend, especially among the youth, to check social media feeds while driving. Thousands of injuries and deaths occur each year from distracted driving.

A dedicated and prolific car accident attorney can help you realize your rights and protect them to maximize financial recovery following a car accident. This is someone who has been around the legal battlefields before and knows how to handle different adversaries.

Social Media Use Is Fueling Distracted Driving in California

Distracted driving is among the main causes of car accidents in California and other parts of the country. With everyone owning a cell phone, distracted driving incidents have only increased. Use of social media while driving is an emerging threat to road safety. In-car communication systems are not making things better with access to social media.

New technology has made it easier to access Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites on the go. Statistics have linked social media use while driving with severe accidents and injuries. Drivers take their eyes off the road for several seconds to check notifications. This places them and other road users at serious risk.

Distracted driving causes numerous fatalities and catastrophic injuries in the country each day. Most of these accidents are because of motorists using their cell phones to call, text, or check social media. This is more prevalent among teen drivers. The Institute of Advanced Motorists and the Transport Research Laboratory reports that the reaction time required for safe driving is greatly reduced when checking social media feeds.

In some cases, a driver going through social media was three times slower in comparison with an intoxicated driver.

Laws Surrounding Driving and the Use of Social Media

You cannot use your cell phone in California while driving. Taking photos, talking, texting, playing games, and checking social media is highly distractive. You may lose control of the vehicle if something suddenly comes across the road. Rear-end crashes are common with drivers using their cell phones.

An experienced car accident attorney can help you understand your legal rights and what your personal injury claim can be worth if you were injured because of the actions of a distracted driver. In California, drivers are not allowed to use any handheld devices while behind the wheel. This means it is illegal if you use your cell phone to text or scroll through social media feeds.

You can only use your cell phone as a hands-free. You can use voice commands and the speakerphone. However, you cannot hold the device in your hand. Speak with an auto accident attorney today if you think your accident was preventable and resulted from the other driver’s negligent and reckless actions.

Evidence for Proving Liability in a Distracted Driving Incident

Car accidents often lead to serious injuries and damages equating to significant pain and suffering, expensive medical bills, and lost wages. Certain victims are also left with permanent disabilities and injuries. If you or someone you love was injured by a driver using their cell phone, you can sue them for damages. Consult with a qualified personal injury attorney to file a claim and maximize your financial recovery.

It can be tricky to gather sufficient evidence to prove social media use. Your attorney may request the at-fault driver’s cell phone and data usage records. They may also use eyewitness testimonials to show that the other driver had a phone in their hand at the time of the accident.

Car accidents can take place when motorists are satisfying the requirements of a social media challenge. The popular KiKi challenge became notorious for causing road accidents. It is easier to prove damages and establish liability when an accident is the result of such incidents.

Auto insurance companies are not on your side. They may not make it easier for you to get the compensation you deserve. Insurance adjusters are known to ask for recorded statements, which can be used against the plaintiff to prove that they contributed to the accident. You need a competent car accident attorney on your side for providing solid legal representation.

Another key piece of evidence in proving distracted driving is the police report. Responding police officers would have made their individual observations in the police report. These may indicate or suggest distracted driving depending on the circumstances. Another way a seasoned attorney may prove social media use is by checking the time stamp on recent posts. The negligent driver may have posted something online right before the accident took place.

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