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Why You Need an Experienced Lawyer For a Serious Injury

It is understandable to have several questions running through your mind if you have sustained injuries in an accident. One of the initial questions that come to mind is whether you will require a lawyer or whether you will be able to handle the claim by yourself.

A lawyer is not necessary in every situation. However, most cases of severe injury will require the experience and knowledge of someone well-versed with the legal system. Your insurer and the insurance company of the other party will undoubtedly have a team of skilled attorneys working for them. The game is not fair, and they are not working for you.

The following are ten reasons to retain the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer:

Experienced in Claim Assessment

Personal injury lawyers have significant experience in cases like yours. Right at the beginning, they can inform you whether legal action is worth pursuing or not. You can avoid spending time, money, and effort in preparing for litigation if you are not likely to win your case.

No Charge if You Do Not Win

A majority of personal injury attorneys work on cases for a contingency fee. This means that you do not have to pay the attorney’s fees if you don’t win your claim. However, you will need to pay for specific expenses that are not directly associated with a lawyer’s services, such as the physician’s charges for being interviewed or evaluating your records.

Red Tape

Personal injury cases usually involve complex legal procedures, copious amounts of paperwork, and confusing medical jargon. A skilled lawyer can handle the complicated paperwork required to resolve your case and allow you to move ahead with your life. An attorney will ask you to provide the paperwork relating to your injury when you meet them.

Team of Investigators

In general, lawyers work with an investigative team with experience in specialized fields. This team will meticulously assess the technical facets of your case. You can assist the team of investigators by providing vital information regarding your injury.


At times, frustration, anger, fear, and pain can cloud one’s ability to discern facts clearly. A lawyer can assess your case in a more objective manner and will not make impulsive decisions. For instance, you may be willing to agree to a quick payout, but your lawyer may counsel you that it is advisable to wait for a more reasonable offer.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Apart from complex and lengthy trials, there are other ways to resolve a case. A skilled lawyer will know whether your specific situation may be best resolved through alternative dispute resolution techniques (ADR). This can save you money, time, and energy. Arbitration and mediation are some common examples of alternative dispute resolution.

Experienced in Working with Other Attorneys

A skilled personal injury attorney can diligently and quickly deal with the other party’s legal professional. This is especially vital during the stage of the litigation that involves fact-finding as this requires both sides to exchange facts and paperwork.

Experienced in Working with Insurance Companies

Personal injury attorneys routinely work with insurance companies. Therefore, they are not confused by their strategies and don’t feel compelled to settle for an inadequate amount.

Fair Settlements

In some personal injury cases, the resolution comes in the form of a negotiated settlement rather than a trial. A settlement usually means that the plaintiff will forego their right to sue for a payment that the defendant or insurer makes to them. A personal injury lawyer will negotiate a settlement on the client’s behalf as well as ensure that the case is resolved as soon as possible.

Favorable Jury Verdicts

In the event that the case goes to trial, a personal injury attorney can passionately represent the plaintiff in court and try to accomplish a favorable jury verdict for their client. They will devise an effective legal strategy meant to assist the plaintiff in attaining the rightful damages for their injuries.

Contact a Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer

An experienced personal injury attorney listens to the plaintiff, conducts detailed information and evidence collection, explains the available options, and helps the plaintiff in pursuing the legal course of action that they choose.

When dealing with a personal injury, the legal process can be especially burdensome. But a good attorney can take the burden of litigation off your shoulders and offer insightful guidance to cope with this complex process.

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