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To get around the urban areas in California, electric scooters from companies such as Spin, Bird, and Lime offer a novel way for residents and tourists. These scooters can generally be picked up and parked at any location in the city. Their convenience certainly makes them an attractive alternative to other modes of transportation. However, scooter companies put riders at risk of being involved in an electric scooter crash and injury from collisions or falls with other automobiles.

The risk of scooter accident injuries increases with the rise in the number of scooters on the road. As scooters are quieter and smaller, they are less apparent to other vehicles, which can lead to collisions resulting in severe injuries.

It is vital to understand your legal rights and options for seeking compensation if you have sustained injuries in a scooter accident. The circumstances of your accident may entitle you to collect damages for medical bills and other losses. At the law offices of Garmo & Garmo, our skilled scooter crash attorneys successfully handle scooter accident cases for clients throughout Southern California.

You can schedule a no-charge consultation with us to understand your situation and assess whether you have a valid injury claim. If you choose to pursue the case, our lawyers will comprehensively investigate your crash and help hold negligent motorists, scooter companies, or manufacturers liable for your injury and damages.

The Perils of Riding E-Scooters

Thousands of e-scooters have been released in California, which has led to an associated rise in accidents and injuries. Most riders have never operated e-scooters previously and are now riding next to cars at 15 miles per hour. In addition, many violate state law by failing to wear helmets.

On top of this, riders can be put at risk due to motorist distraction and drivers becoming frustrated at the slow speed of e-scooters. Motorists may follow e-scooters overly closely, speed, tailgate, make unsafe lane changes or passes, or ignore the right-of-way. Hazardous driver behaviors could lead to an e-scooter crash and grave injuries such as fractured bones, brain or head trauma, neck and back injuries, and road rash.

To beat traffic, some scooter riders weave through vehicles and ride on sidewalks. Such actions can present a risk to other drivers and pedestrians. Also, reports have surfaced on riders abandoning their scooters in the middle of walkways, creating trip and fall accident risks for others.

Operating scooters is dangerous. Injuries from scooter crashes can occur at any time. Some common scooter accidents include:

  • Falling off a scooter due to lousy road construction or poor road maintenance by the city
  • Riding a scooter and getting struck by a distracted driver
  • Scooter and pedestrian accidents
  • Scooter and bicyclist accidents

Scooter accidents are often associated with the following outcomes:

  • Fractured bones
  • Brain trauma
  • Head injuries
  • Serious falls
  • Fatality

Who Is At Fault for a Dockless Scooter or E-Scooter Crash?

If an injured e-scooter rider can show that another party’s recklessness caused or contributed to the crash, they may be entitled to recover compensatory damages. In such cases, the burden of proof includes establishing the defendant’s duty of care, violation of duty, accident causation, and damages.

The El Cajon scooter accident lawyers at Garmo & Garmo can assist you with this burden of proof and create an airtight case for the plaintiff. One or more of the following people or entities could be held accountable:

A Driver

If the accident occurred due to another driver’s negligent or careless behavior, they might be held liable for the consequent damages.

The Scooter Company

Lime or Bird could absorb liability in circumstances involving faulty or dangerous scooters or violated state regulations. The same case applies to other companies that are now offering e-scooters, such as Lyft and Uber.

The Scooter Manufacturer

The scooter manufacturer could be held responsible if a defective part led to the collision.

In many cases, the fault may be shared between more than one responsible party. Working with a lawyer may be necessary to identify the right defendant and to file a personal injury claim. If another person breached e-scooter regulations in California, disregarded others’ safety, or violated a duty of care to riders, they could be held accountable for compensation.

If you have sustained injuries in an electric scooter accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation. It is best to get legal representation as soon as you can. The attorneys at Garmo & Garmo will handle any negotiations with insurers on your behalf to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Which California Laws Apply to Lime and Bird Scooters?

Motorized or electric scooters, such as those offered by Lime and Bird, fall under the purview of California Vehicle Code Section 21235, which necessitates riders to:

  • Carry a valid driver’s license or permit
  • Wear a properly fastened and fitted helmet (irrespective of the rider’s age)
  • Not leave the scooter on a sidewalk
  • Not have more than one individual on a scooter
  • Ride in the bike lane on the road, and not on any walkways
  • Not transport any large package that does not allow for at least one hand on the handlebar
  • Not attach themselves or the scooter to any automobiles

New Legal Issues Arise with a New Industry

In California, the relatively new phenomenon of e-scooters has taken over major areas. The younger crowd is attracted to these bikes as they are app-based, motorized, and thus quite convenient. Riders merely reserve a nearby scooter on the company app, ride to their destination, and lock the scooter using the app. 

Since deploying their initial fleet of scooters in 2017, Bird has faced significant controversy. Stemming from this, many locals consider Bird scooters as a public menace stating that the company’s lock-it-and-leave-it policy encourages riders to create disorder on sidewalks and other inconvenient areas around the city with carelessly discarded e-bikes.

Consult with an Expert California Scooter Crash Lawyer

Working with a skilled personal injury lawyer can often mean the difference between collecting the maximum compensation to cover your medical expenses, damages, and lost income or getting short-changed or even having your claim dismissed entirely. Have you sustained injuries in a scooter accident due to another’s negligence?

At the law offices of Garmo & Garmo, our scooter accident lawyers can help you collect fair damages for your personal injury. To schedule a no-charge consultation with one of our attorneys, message us online or call us today at (619) 441-2500.

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