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Personal Injury Risks at The Beach This Summer

Southern California beaches are alive with activity, fun, and frolic throughout the summer – unless there’s a virus scare. The state coastline has always been popular for weeklong vacations or daytime “getaways” for travelers from far and wide. Each summer, Southern California beach towns are inundated with local visitors as well as tourists from other states. But vacationers must be cautious of the unforeseen dangers on the picturesque Pacific coastline.

Common Kinds of Beach Accidents

Accidents on the beach can happen in various situations. At times, such accidents can cause devastating injuries and damages which warrant immediate medical care and treatment. Common accidents that occur on South California beach include the following:

  • Surfing accidents
  • Drowning or near-drowning accidents
  • Accidents due to water sports, including traumatic brain injuries
  • Jet ski accidents
  • Lacerations and cuts from rocks or sharp objects in the water, on ocean jetties, or on the shoreline

If you or someone you love has suffered any such injuries while on a Southern California beach, you should reach out to emergency personnel immediately, including the lifeguard on duty, and request emergency services. When you reach the hospital, be ready to provide the on-duty medical practitioner or nurse with a description of how the incident occurred, as well as details of all your injuries and symptoms.

Drowning Danger at the Beach

Drowning accidents can occur due to negligence through the inability to have appropriate, constant, and close supervision. In the US, drowning ranks as the fifth leading reason for accident injury and death and is even more common for kids 15 years and under.

For every one fatality, four require hospitalization for near-drowning injuries. These can be as serious as permanent brain damage, mental incapacitation, or nerve damage, medical expenses for injuries of that nature can rapidly add up and be an unanticipated burden on the already anxious family.

Surfing Accidents on the Beach


While surfing, there is a very real risk of drowning. Getting trapped on the reef, hold-downs, being separated from your board and being unable to swim in, and unconsciousness through an accident are all possible reasons for drowning while surfing. Therefore, it’s vital to always go surfing with a friend who will help you out if a problem manifests itself.


Waves may appear beautiful from the beach, but they can be remarkably powerful. Some are powerful enough to fracture bones (certainly if you smash into a rock or coral). A common cause of surfing injury is wipeouts on waves.


At times, the scariest thing about a surf break is the regular surfers. Sometimes local surfers can be unfriendly and even aggressive in some cases. You can reduce the possibility of an incident with a group of unruly locals by behaving yourself, following surf etiquette at all times, and not making a general nuisance of yourself. You have only yourself to blame if you are not behaving.


Surfboards can be dangerous sporting gear as they are pointed at one end, with one or more switchblade-like fins that can tear into anything that gets in their path. It is truly the stuff nightmares are made of. Remain in control of your board while surfing and try to stay out of harm’s way when you wipe out.

Risk of Injuries on the Beach

The beach is swarming with many dangers that could harm you or someone you love. The types of injuries sustained on beaches include:

Riptides, Undertow, and Rip Currents

Never swim in ocean water in the absence of a lifeguard, regardless of how confident you are in your swimming abilities. Unfortunately, swimming can be hazardous, especially at night, due to riptides, rip currents, and undertow.

Spinal Cord Injuries

A surf zone or shore break occurs when waves break directly on the shoreline. Also, they happen to be very powerful. If you dive into a shore break, you are putting yourself at risk for blunt trauma injuries, including spinal injuries. According to a study, most swimming injuries happen in less than two feet of water.


You may cut yourself when stepping over any shell fragments, exposed shells, sharp rocks, sea glass, driftwood, or litter (cans, glass, and so on). If you cut yourself on any debris, you should avoid swimming as salt water can enter the wound and apply first aid.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Wet sand may be challenging to navigate, causing some tragic slip and fall injuries.

Assault Injuries

You may suffer an attack by another beach attendee or beach security. Both of these parties can be held responsible for any injuries that they cause you.

Hire a Southern California Beach Accident Attorney Today

Beach accident cases can be challenging to prove as they typically depend on witness testimony. Witnesses can be difficult to track down as people are not always paying attention to the immediate surrounding while enjoying the beach.

If you or a loved one has endured injuries due to a beach accident, time may be a vital factor in your case. Thus, you should not delay in seeking legal counsel. The attorneys at Garmo & Garmo may be able to help you gather the required evidence to prove fault and damages in your case. For a no-obligation case review with a seasoned beach accident attorney, call us today at (619) 441-2500.