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Common Dental Injuries That Result from Auto Accidents

Dental injuries and motor vehicle accidents are rarely thought of together. However, there is always a risk of sustaining serious damage to your teeth, gum tissue, tongue, or other parts of the mouth in a car crash. Many car accident victims also suffer trauma to the head and face, which may include oral damage as well.

Dental injuries may not only cause severe pain and suffering, but they may also result in disfigurement and serious aesthetic challenges. While the law is on your side, you should know how to move ahead with a claim. This post will shed light on common dental injuries that may be caused by California car accidents.

Fractured Teeth Can Impact Your Dental Health

Fractured or cracked teeth can quickly escalate into a tooth abscess. It is possible to suffer root damage from an innocuous hairline fracture too. Fluctuating pain levels, aversion to sugar or temperature, and swelling may be indicative of a broken tooth.

The fracture may only scar the outer portion of the tooth, depending on the severity. It may impact the nerves lying within the roots. Cracked teeth, when left untreated, can infect the sensitive inner pulp. There may be no other option left but to extract the tooth in this case.

Tooth Loss because of Luxation

Tooth luxation occurs when the tissues and ligaments holding the tooth in place get stretched or torn, causing the tooth to get displaced. It may result in the tooth loosening to the point where you can wiggle it or get pushed up into the gum line. Tooth luxation generally occurs when the driver’s head hits a hard object, such as the steering wheel.

Car accident victims should quickly seek dental treatment for any displaced teeth before the tooth detaches and becomes an avulsed tooth. Everyday wear and tear can cause this. You should know that you have the responsibility to take all steps towards mitigating the damages. Otherwise, you may unknowingly reduce the compensation received in a car accident settlement.

Risk of Oral Infection after an Auto Accident

An avulsed tooth is when a tooth gets detached from its socket or knocked out. This is a rare dental injury and is usually associated with head trauma. A capable dentist may be able to salvage the tooth. Moreover, time is of the essence. 120 million Americans, as per the American College of Prosthodontists, are estimated to be missing at least one tooth.

You can reduce the risk of an avulsed tooth by going to a dentist and having the tooth reimplanted. The hole left behind by an avulsed tooth can leave you vulnerable to infection.

Dental Injuries Need Urgent Care

Dental injuries are often overlooked by victims in the initial aftermath of an accident. In fact, many victims are overwhelmed by the severity of other injuries even after discovering the oral damage. This causes them to postpone the dental treatment during the recovery period.

Delaying care may leave your broken tooth exposed to pathogens and cause decay. The deterioration may spread to other healthy teeth and the gums. Delaying treatment is a bad idea since it can affect the credibility of your car accident claim. Failure to seek immediate treatment makes the injuries appear less severe to insurance companies. It may negatively impact the value of your claim.

You should immediately have your teeth checked for chips and breaks if you experienced whiplash or head trauma. Whiplash is a violent motion that can leave your teeth damaged and cause pain in the back and neck.

Compensatory Damages for Cosmetic Dental Issues

Teeth may become scuffed or chipped after coming in contact with inflexible or abrasive surfaces. Scratched and chipped teeth can affect your confidence. It can also compromise your comfort in a social setting and performance at work. These invisible costs may not have a tangible receipt. Moreover, they are legitimate losses warranting compensation.

You may be able to qualify these losses as special damages in a personal injury. This is especially true if you had to seek veneers or caps for disguising the damage done to the teeth. Pain and suffering is a hidden cost that may arise from seeking dental treatment.

For many people, a trip to the dentist is nothing less than visiting the house of horrors. It is stressful and traumatic. You may be able to claim damages for the distress you feel like part of the pain and suffering component. Speak with an accomplished car accident attorney to learn more.

Impact of Dental Injuries on Daily Life

Your teeth are necessary for smiling confidently, speaking articulately, and chewing food. Dental injury may disrupt several facets of your life. You should seek a solid and reliable car accident attorney and familiarize yourself with the steps required in a personal injury claim if you damaged your teeth. The compensation should include components beyond the potential medical implications and pain.

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