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What is the Worst Type of Car Accident?

Nearly 40,000 people lose their lives to car accidents every year, besides countless others who sustain severe injuries in these collisions. Vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death in the US and have significant destructive potential when it comes to harming people and property.

Some types of car accidents are well-known for the severity of injuries they can cause. Victims of these types of crashes will often sustain serious injuries and be saddled with substantial medical bills, lost income from time spent recovering, and protracted pain and suffering.

People who are injured in catastrophic car crashes can seek compensatory damages for their losses and injuries by filing a car accident lawsuit against a party at-fault for the collision. You can seek compensation for your injuries and damages on your own or by working with a car crash attorney.

In fact, many parties could be responsible for the injuries caused by a devastating auto accident. The other driver is most commonly at-fault in a car crash. However, their parties can be reckless as well. For instance, vehicle manufacturers, part manufacturers, and many others may be held accountable if they were negligent, and that carelessness caused the accident that lead to your injuries.

Pileup Vehicle Accidents

Most accidents on the road usually involve only two vehicles. Despite this, a collision between two cars can still be devastating. As the number of automobiles involved in a car crash rises, the possibility of someone sustaining serious injuries increases as well.

If multiple cars are involved in a crash on a busy roadway, then there is a likelihood that more vehicles will unintentionally collide with the automobiles involved in the initial accident. This can lead to a chain reaction of cars colliding into each other, also known as a pileup.

In case a pileup occurs, those involved in the initial crash are typically unable to do much to protect themselves from the damaging effects of other cars adding to the pileup and are at risk for additional damage. Moreover, vehicle pileups can increase the chances of explosions and fires. Flying debris is not uncommon either in serious car accidents.

Head-On Collisions

A head-on collision occurs when an automobile runs square into another vehicle’s front that is moving in the opposite direction. These kinds of collisions are unlikely to happen at low speeds. In this situation, both vehicles will be traveling along a roadway with lanes moving in the opposite direction. Subsequently, one vehicle slides into the other lane, leading to a collision.

Newton’s third law of motion says that if both the vehicles traveling at average speeds of 40 mph collide head-on into each other, the actual impact would be comparable to if the vehicles were traveling at 80 mph. There is a high probability of fatality in head-on collisions as the driver bears the full brunt of the crash. In case they aren’t wearing a seatbelt, it is likely that they will hit the windshield. Even if the driver is wearing a seatbelt, the sheer force alone will lead to severe injury.

Head-on collisions can occur due to a number of reasons: harsh weather, intoxicated driving, inexperience with driving, fatigued driving, distracted driving, and altered traffic patterns due to constructions zones, to name afew.

Rollover Car Crashes

In many car accidents, one or more vehicles may roll over. This can occur due to the impact’s angle, the car turning too quickly, or the motorist losing control of the vehicle.

Rollovers generally occur when a driver attempts to avoid a collision, and their evasive maneuvers cause the vehicle to tip and rollover. Such accidents are more likely to occur with larger vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks. Rollover accidents are especially hazardous as they make it much more challenging to abandon the vehicle, and the rolling itself can lead to serious injury if the occupants of the care are not wearing seatbelts.

T-Bone Car Accidents

When one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle in a perpendicular fashion, a T-bone accident occurs. This type of accident does not derive its name from the type of steak as much as it does from the “T” shape that the accident usually takes when one vehicle collides into the side of another. These accidents generally occur when motorists run red lights at intersections or fail to yield.

T-bone accidents often cause serious injuries to the drivers. The sides of a vehicle are usually more vulnerable compared to the back and front, which have at least some type of buffer. If a car smashes into a motorist’s side at high speed, it will almost certainly end up seriously injuring the driver, or worse.

Legal Help from a Seasoned California Car Crash Lawyer

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